An Interior with a Flower: Charcoal and Colour Studies

An Interior with a Flower: 6 composition studies (charcoal, A4 each)

I like both 1 and 6 of the charcoal sketches: The former has some sense of space and seems rather natural (it is pretty much unarranged). 6 feels more intimate due to the close-up, but also simpler. Bearing in mind the end format should be a narrow rectangle with one side roughly 2x the other side I will go for 6 and wait until tonight so I have no daylight from the window, as the tone was blue-ish white – very different from the yellow lamp that lights the vase + flowers.

An Interior with a Flower/Plant: Colour study (acrylics on paper, width 60 cm)

I made the colour study from a higher viewpoint than my charcoal studies, as there was no space to put up the easel, I had to squeeze it in. The lower viewpoint of the charcoal sketch seems more pleasing: the green pouffe in the background is otherwise too large. It was tricky to get the colour/tone of the shadow of the vase and the shaded side of the vase itself right. It’s surprisingly dark. Also I realised that the slight pattern detail of the table cloth is essential to make it less flat. That was also the problem with the apple/Monroe study – the entire background lacked depth as I painted it like a poster.

In the final picture I will go back to the lower viewpoint, also the carpet on right should not end with the edge of the table cloth, otherwise it looks like a surreal extension of it. The wall in the back may actually be darker, although it’s off-white in reality. That always catches me out. To make the green pouffe (back, left) appear solid it should get increasingly dark towards the left. It’s not quite there yet in terms of tone in the colour sketch. Also the right edge of the table cloth should be more angled, at the moment it’s parallel to the right edge – that’s impossible.


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