Solidity: Drawing an Apple

Exercise 3 drawings of apples (charcoal, 3 x A3)

While I focused on the light and shade I noticed that my mind started wandering and as my apple was both red and yellow-greenish I started to confuse the colours and the tones. 2 things is clearly too much multitasking to ask for.

In terms of solidity, I thought the shadow underneath the apple is quite important. Starting to love charcoal… its such a fast drawing medium for large shapes.

Exercise: Painting an Apple (Acrylics on paper, w30 x h40cm)

Since the task for the colour study was to also put the environment in, I placed the apple on a white drawing block in front of my pin board on which currently hangs a picture of Marylin Monroe. I liked her smile in the morning when I go to my desk.

I used strong directional light from the table lamp as opposed to the daylight like in the charcoal studies to help me see better.

The apple in the colour study turned out better than what I’ve done before. It certainly pops out of the picture… maybe the saturation contrast to the background is a bit too much? It feels kind of solid though.

I struggled with the colours of the shaded apple side. How would the yellow green change and the red, but still appear saturated – I painted it over quite a number of times. The yellow-ish changes into some kind of green in the shadow. I again used ultramarine and venetian red to darken the colours. Maybe I should try something else – dark green or so?

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