Perspective: Rectangles in various positions

Rectangles Seen 'Flat-On' A4

This seems like I am back in school doing technical drawings. (I grew up in East Germany and we had that subject called “Introduction into the Socialistic Production” when I was about 10.) I always quite enjoyed the wonders of making things.

Rectangles Seen 'Corner-On' A4

But hang on … I just realized, technical drawings eliminate perspective, don’t they. No such thing as eye level. An elevated equal pane in a technical drawing would be drawn exactly parallel to the first pane. I forgot that.

Elevating an identical object, but still the same eye level >> so change the angles of the side

And that was what I got wrong in my drawings initially. I drew all those elevated lines parallel to the lower corresponding object. I only really understood it when I rationally constructed it with a drawn eye level (see above).

The whole thing is not as easy as it seems if you just draw without constructing it, as it requires you to see the tiniest difference in an angle and be able to translate that onto paper. I recon it might make sense to at least partially construct drawings to simplify that process of seeing, provided you want a realistic effect.

Looking so intensively at my books I became quite intrigued by their quite irregular shapes, they bulge here and there.

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