Project 2: From drawing to painting

Final limited pallette painting (A2, cut square)

After looking at the charcoal pictures for a long time, I decided I will go for a stripped down version of the masked off drawing 4 – which I labeled (2) in the last entry. I also looked onto the composition from a higher viewpoint and exchanged an apple for a pear, because my hubby ate the apple intended as a prop. Tsk. I actually liked the pear more, to his luck.

I also added a spoon to create a diagonal, but I had to leave some of its outline white as it remained completely within the combined box and bowl shape. Just drawing the negative space wouldn’t have sufficed. And without the spoon it looked quite dull, frankly.

Final composition

In the end I cropped the limited palette study on the left to reach a more square-ish format. So it’s almost a circle of objects and their shadows within a square, if you squint a bit.

In case you wonder why there are 2 shadows for each object – the window is super long – along an entire wall plus around one corner (behind the composition). But looking at the photo you can hardly tell… maybe next time I will just focus on one shadow and ignore the other. That might look more straightforward.

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